Leitor UHF RFID Reader – DOTR-900

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How to use DOTR-900

DOTR-900 uses Bluetooth (ClassⅡ) technology to upload tags ID to Bluetooth based

computers/PDAs in a real-time mode. DOTR-900 Reader provides the following features.
• Can work with WinCE5.0, Windows Mobile 6.5 and iOS Base

/ iOS based Smartphone or PDAs (Bluetooth featured).
• Long battery life – continuously reads tags over 10,000 times per charge
• Free SDK provided

Section Specifications
Frequency 865~868MHz, 917~923.5MHz, 902~928MHz
Channel occupation method Frequency Hopping, LBT
Antenna gain 1dBi
Modulation method(Forward) PR-ASK, Tari 25usec (PIE coding)
Modulation method(Reverse) back-scatter(ASK), link frequency 250KHz, Miller 4
Interface USB 1.1 compatible, UART
Bluetooth Bluetooth v1.2, Class II / BT 4.0 BLE (optional)
Battery 2,350mAh
Key Power key, Scan Key
Host enviroment Android, Windows Mobile/CE, iOS (optional)
Dimensions 50(W) x 30(D) x 140(H)
Weight 150g
Basic Accessories:   
USB Cable 20Pin            Belt Clip               Neck Strap                Adapter
USB Cable 20Pin       Belt Clip    Neck StrapAdapter
Optional Accessories:
AC charger                  Arm band             Battery Charger
AC chargerArm bandBattery Charger